Where It's Cloudy

by Mouse Powell

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I set out with my close friend ILL AL to make a project that would serve not only as my debut but also as an indication of what can be accomplished in the future, this is the result. 14 tracks of growth. Each track we did together seemed to be stronger than the last. I think every track on this album is a reflection of a mindset I've embodied over the last 2 years. The production is soulful and largely composed by my good friend and long time collaborator Make Sense. Where It's Cloudy is a mind state of peace and stability. I think what we've accomplished is amazing and I hope you agree.

Thank you's due to My Family, Whatever or Whoever is upstairs, Avenue of the Arts crew, anyone who's tolerated my behavior and/or fed me over the years, Universatile Music, Make Sense, Milo, Brad B, ILL AL, LES735, Kira Best, Andres Rodriguez, BuenoBeats, Jimmy Nelson, Dumperfoo, Smooth Like Slope, my brothers Isacc and Clay, Blunt Club, DJ Element, anybody reading this, and last but not least Stewart The Cat.

Recognize Sunshine.


released November 22, 2011

1. Intro 
With Kira Best

2. Hey You
prod. Milo

cuts by LES735

3. Rollin
prod. Make Sense

4. Gone
prod. Make Sense

5. Can't Get Enough

prod. Make Sense

6. Ruby Slippers
prod. ILL AL

7. Turn to Gold

prod. BuenoBeats

with Andres Rodriguez

8. Extra Extra
prod. Make Sense

with Kira Best

9. The Walk Out
prod. Jimmy Nelson

with Kira Best

10. Holding Home
prod. Make Sense

cuts by LES735

11. Another Day
ft. Brad B & ILL AL the Anglo-Saxon
prod. Make Sense

12. So Cold
prod. LES735
with Rae Rae

13. Where Its Cloudy
prod. Make Sense

with Kira Best & Lisa Mom

14. Goodnight...
prod. Make Sense

with Andres Rodriguez

Engineered and Mixed by ILL AL for AOTA Recordings
*Artistic Arrangement by Mouse Powell



all rights reserved


Mouse Powell Tempe, Arizona

Mouse Powell is the world’s most reluctant rapper. Mouse Powell loves dogs, and has been making music accordingly since 2011. After taking a blood oath with Tempe producer The Ref, the duo began making genre bending music. As they gear up to release a new project they continue to use their formula of whiskey and friendship to bring an album that truly reflects their commitment to being awesome. ... more


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Track Name: Getting Grey
It all started with a bar I laid out with my pencil
Re read and re wrote it til the flow sounded simple
Look mom I made this with no hands
no home and no plans now it seems sentimental.
Sound man Im trying to take flight
everybody gets left its hard to make right
its a cold dark world we try to make light
well be dancing til the end of the night.
I tried to write a book but I couldnt think that far back
you know the white tees ball caps
skateboards and all that
sitting by the house phone waiting for a call back,
it never came through so i was steady writing bars back
at you.
but never right now.
I just wanna get so high i dont ever come down.
Im an honest view point whats better than powell
highfiving the crowd and gettin lost in the clouds.
Track Name: Hey You
Too much planet x and sex rap
the records leave your neck snapped
lookin at the globe saying we need to take a step back
I'm writing letters knowin no ones gonna write back
its like tryin to fuck a woman when she doesn't see you like that
pastor please tell me I'm on the right path
I know I want a wife but I also want a nightcap
and when they're in my lap l only wanna bite back
my girlfriend that week never ever seems to like that
last lap of the final frontier, when drinks disappear
you can see the smoke clear
and the people drift out to the places that they came from
in a thousand lost souls all whispering the same song
people with smiles tend to do the opposite
a dude with a dimepiece only wants a hotter chick
broke ass Mouse is in love with the Prada chicks
the world keeps spinning I think I'm getting lost in it
Track Name: Rollin
I get lost when I hit the weed and start coughing
It'll probably be the reason for the nail inside my coffin
since freshman year blowin blunts with Austin
writing my name across the wall saying this shit is fucking awesome
Daydreaming I do it too often.
I'm zonin at the job instead of working for the bossman
I refuse to lead a life that leaves me exhausted
People watching me write like they think that I've lost it.
The only thing that made sense was working with Make Sense.
While we were growing up the rest were actin obnoxious
Gettin goosebumps in summer time bumpin that Nas shit
rollin around town just to listen to my shit.
I was fifteen with pipedream eyes gleamed
girl at my side at the time she stood five three
a zig zag rolled and a glass of that iced tea
if you saw me back then chances are that I might be

Rollin arm and arm with my girl
Rollin trying to conquer the world
Rollin tryin to skip to the sunset
dancing in the rain with the tip of my blunt lit

Done did it, no time to run with it
I've been mixing up my life in these rhymes
I'm fine with it.
Like if I can get my shine in the lime for one minute,
then I think I'll be fine in this life so Fuck critics.
Alright, You ain't givin a damn? then fuck bitches.
But you better hold it down if you're willin to bust in it
Lost balance mixing up addiction and talent
I refuse to regulate on my life Fuck an allowance
always figured by the time I reached my twenties
Id be posted in LA, the land of milk and honey.
Here I am. At least I moved out the hundreds
I've been shouting out the Westside it kinda seems redundant.
whats next? take it on to the next
I'll meet you where the ten and sixty intersect
don't forget we came in this world with no regrets
and when I walk through that door Ima kill it til its dead
I'll be rollin.
Track Name: Gone
We go together like Gillespie and bent horn
You want a bestie but I want a bit more
and nah I ain't forget you got a man baby 10-4
but when I see your figure I be yellin sweet lord
I wanna crush until you point your toes get yours
and yell your name over and over until I get hoarse
I saw your new man how the hell he fit for
a princess like you? I mean damn he's big sure.
I don't care about the weights. I could lift yours
and if that ain't enough your the type I’d hit the gym for
I'm sick of stealing stares when you give me a glance
I know we could be build if you'd just give me the chance
we could go together like Sid Vicious and Nance
and in advance I could tell you that I got a few plans
a couple of songs to write before its on tonight
but if you down to ride it'd be all delight

So ain't it funny want it now that it's gone
It's too late the loves already done
I'm gonna take you from your man.

Operation take your girl is in full effect
it feels like I'm winning when our souls connect
saw you walkin down the street and damn near broke my neck
hopped up on my phone and composed a text.
Is that your new man? why's he look like the old model?
The new dude looks like the old dudes role model!
Break it off with wine let him kill the whole bottle
and if he wakes up tomorrow he’ll feel no sorrow.
Hey I was hoping we could link
I could cook you up some dinner maybe mix you up a drink
I know that you've been trapped I could free you from the clink!
Step one break it off, and then you kiss me on the cheek
If it all goes down he could find a new girl
Its a win win switch if you count the loop holes
and I know that your thinking that the plans too brutal
but its like you get a mil in exchange for some fools gold.

So ain't it funny want it now that it's gone
It's too late the loves already done
I'm gonna take you from your man.

Part Two

She had game back before these cats were saying her name
the type to fan flames just by exploring her frame.
I mean a man's game is choosing whores over rings
she's got a smile that could break through conformitive chains.
I'm four minutes late trying to find the words I should say,
but angel with no wings are always running away
I passed the plate, give me the home run
she looked at me I started stuttering. Well, oh um.
I sounded so dumb. How did we go from
stuck in the friend zone to movin from our rents home?
And since we're so far and already said so long
is it too late for me to ask where did we go wrong?
if so I'm sorry, just keep living your life
but i heard you got a new man he ain't sliding you right?
If you're needin the light or you're just being polite
Don't hesitate to lean on me or call on me in the night
Track Name: Can't Get Enough
I'm a decepticon a master deceptionist
she wants the boss. I'm the receptionist.
Hold up! I could fill that deficit
She looked at me like who the fuck you messin with?
Five one with them nice slim thighs
pair of light brown eyes, and a high beam smile
god damn! Got me checking for a heart beat
chick so cold she could probably raise an army.
Baby let me be your professional lieutenant,
misses beautiful cynic, I gotta know. Can I hit it?
Shes lookin at me droolin on the floor. Wait a minute.
She started leaning in like she was slipping me them digits
Then my heart jumped outta my chest.
I said I’ll shoot you a text when I get off and we can try and connect
but shit went south once she got herself a drink
she started whisperin in my ear tellin me exactly what she thinks.
You're too nerdy and I dont like that
I'm too skinny and you're too fat!
the DJ's spinning but I don't like rap
you were lookin for a girl and I just want a night cap

Well later on that night as we were riding in the cab
she started asking me some q’s and I fell right into the trap
a lion or a tiger I wanna get her to the pad
but baby girl don't wanna think that I got it in the bag
Mona Lisa why don't you smile?
She looked at me like a parent that was beating their child
I wanna scream but I'm feelin like I still might have a shot
plus its past last call and now im racing with a clock
well damn baby girl go ahead and flirt a little
caught me lookin so hard I know it had to hurt a little
You could run, but then that shirt’ll jiggle
lookin out the window I could swear I heard a little giggle
Whats up she let me it for one night
lookin like she brought a pocket knife to a gun fight
typically I wouldnt say that I'm the hit and run type
but she's the type of girl that turns to stone in the sunlight.
Well you're too bitchy and I don't like that
I'm a nice guy and you just gotta a nice rack
the DJ's spinning and damn I love rap
I used to want a girl but now i just want a nightcap
Track Name: Ruby Slippers
I meant to call you yesterday
I picked up the receiver but didn’t what to say
its been a long time since the last time we talked
I was hoping you were proud of the path that you walked
the road less traveled and we all know thats bullshit
a rapper aint a poet nor a preacher on a pulpit
the words leak out at the point where the skull split
dribble over the beat and talk about old shit
hold this Ima walk this one off
I got some baggage in my head let me drop this one off
fuck you. you never knew you were stuck until you made
enough wiggle room for one of us to tuck through
I love you. wait. I swear to God I dont
thats the first misplaced word I made to a point
the nights seem shorter staring at the moon
two of us together one of us is doomed
take the long way home see you when you get there
eyes bugged out looking at you with a blank stare
take the long way home i bet you try to kill me
the only one i know that can break me or build me
Track Name: Turn To Gold
Ive been lazy its true, watchin dazed and confused
but now that I make a few moves if you dont pay me Im through
Im trying to handwrite the script and I aint playing with you
I'll say peace before these fools are even raising the deuce
if I eat we all eat go get a plate for your food
yall sleep I just wait to make a statement to prove
its on me thin ice but I aint breaking it through
I made way too much progress for me to bank it on you
they say Mouse youre my boy how you do that there
you made a half a million moves while you grew that hair
I swear aint nothing easy b I make this shit look leisurely
accomplished but believe me Im working hard repeatedly
non sense with the hatred two faced comments
Ill be here for a minute then Im off like a prom dress
wishing on comet to take me out of this land
if you aint never had a dream then you wouldn't understand

I didnt get curtains for my window cause I thought Id be productive
wake up brew some coffee and do a whole bunch of dumb shit
all that taught me was how to sleep when the sun hit
it rises at 8 but I dont wake til ten something
and most my days I skip breakfast
thank God delivery drivers here dont ask questions
before I left school I was missin prerequits
Im smart enough to read what the name my check is though
no money no traveling checks
I still been working for the man I aint the manager yet
but if I had the loot Id buy steak with my pizza
and treat every girl I date to a patron margarita
I guess pipe dreams are better than they actually might seem
Im broke when Im awake but I revisit em nightly
I saw a hobo looking for a dollar on ninth street
I said Im broke too dawg so dont even try me
Track Name: Holding Home
Im from a place miles away from the sky scrapes
small town big city mind state rising like the crime rate.
The dash between my dates indicates my mind state
ignorantly blissful. Talk about my state.
A place where the sun dont sets and the wind dont blow
but in the winter keep your windows low
my friend clutched the needle we aint friends no mo
and thats rapid growing trend keep your brims down low
I flip my hat bill up for the empty pools and simple tools
that help through day while conducting these interviews
So Mouse where you from? I still say AZ
even though half the nation says we gone crazy
I love deck park, four peaks, sun shine, palmtrees
Latinas, tattoos, and girls all around me
to lead AZ the home of desperate measures
you can say what you want my home is in the desert.

Its the weekend trips to Tucson they do get faded
menudo and Hunnybears like your grandma made it
I used to skate chase banks when it was still bank one
for every song about leaving I still aint gone
its the weather, its the women, its condition of living
its bright all day, and its perfect weather for swimming
its the graffiti off of Roosevelt, TMK ,the Mac
its Eastside, Revolver, its Tracks in Wax
its my home and even though I'll probably leave
there's no place in the world I hold closer to me
there's something in the palm trees I can't forget
it just wont fit inside the tour pamphlets
sittin on Apache waitin to step on the train
with some markers in my pocket and can full of paint
the 51 is backed up the 101 is backed up
the traffic always sucks but its my home and I'm back so

I remember my first show at the Modified
Desert West Skatepark know that we gotta ride
gotta a lotta pride for the place that I call home
moved out to the Eastside now I'm grown
it Ash Ave, Wet Paint, Thursdays Blunt Club
most places think we lost lost it with the gun love
but the people from here don't even think its strange
even my moms got a pistol in her house just in case
I miss the Brick House, the Sets, and the Mason Jar
I'm waiting for a dive bar band that’ll make it far
but in the mean time there's these Arizona women
hardly ever wearin sweats man i cant stop grinnin
and another thing shorts are shorter in the summer heat
these girls dress like they don't care what their mothers think
if it wasnt for the heat itd be heaven on earth
but there's no place like home for whatever it worth

Track Name: Where It's Cloudy
My momma once told me there's a place in the sky
where the wicked can't kick it, but the sun cant hide
I tried to follow that path but when I strayed to side
wondered if the lord would followed my light
Well all of my time I spent worrying about heaven and hell
forget the souls just a place where the devil could dwell
time spent wondering if I’d ever prevail
but when I aged another year another friend hit jail
that's some sick shit. It's not the way it used to be
a lot of things changed once my friends hit puberty
the news reports schools weren't fooling me
the jocks and the rich kids seemed like they were fools to me
Wu Tang was the only thing cool to me
I drifted out tryin to find something new to see
and I found it in the punk rock and rap with the gunshots
started smoking weed and forgot how to jump shot
I strayed from the suburbs when I felt like exploring
15 with a drink while I was writing my story
now picture that. A white kid with a Steel Reserve forty
six feet tall and only weighed a buck forty
glasses and a baby face. hella nerdy.
by the time I get a beard I'll be damn near thirty
I was quiet around the girls, never got too flirty
plus I fell in love quick and always ended up hurting
lookin back I was young cat when i started sellin dub sacks
the man I am today would've been like,‘fuck that‘
but thats part of growing up I got it outta my way
mama caught me selling coke and moved me all of the way
to the school where she taught. thinking back in the day
I was bitter but now I'm glad that she got in my way
who would've known us woulda started acted grown up
without a parole officer and prison date showing up
so sho nuff I wanna build to this day
I spent about five years on a song that can say
rich kids go to rehab, broke kids go to jail
and we, we just stay Where It's Cloudy, oh well.
Track Name: Goodnight...
I used to wanna move just for the sake of moving forward
put the keys in the ignition stomp the pedal through the floor board
land somewhere in cali where I could sit and smell the ocean
but the problem with wandering is never knowing where your going
I got lost and I never even left
I guess the thought of having comfort often leads to regrets
and I admit it for a minute I was sidetracked
I shouldve focused on my art a little more that was my bad
all apologies go to my family and my dad
through ups and downs thick and thin you always had my back
I love you and I think sometimes I just dont show it
so if I have to go tonight heres to hoping that you know it
put your glass up they always told us we were last up
but if you make enough noise its too loud for them to pass up
what up with Dave it looks as if youre doing better 
things are lookin up I just pray it lasts forever

once upon a time i hit my head in Portland
woke up confused in a hospital bed somewhere in Oregon
and it was weird to me everything there looked so foreign
it was one of those moments where you really realize whats imporant
your family your friends and the people that you love
my music is my growth and thats worth more than a couple bucks
you hope it lasts forever but know that it never does
remember on the path to get there please just have some fun
I mean for Christ's sake were so scared to play the high stakes
that we skate throughout life wondering if we'll see the ice break
and theres something wrong with that and maybe its not my place
to tell you you should smile but shit just look at my face
I love my life and there aint nothin wrong with that
every memories a moment with another song attached
so go ahead and beat the drums I think well see the sun
I love this place thats why Im leaving one.