King of my own Backyard

by Mouse Powell

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Let's have a barbeque at my place
party in the front yard
slip n slide and hot dogs
until they call the cop cars
this is our neighborhood
we get "step-dad" drunk
we like above ground pools
we keep the grill set up
I keep a little piece of heaven locked up in my backyard
woah oh oh
I keep a little something rolled just for blast off
woah oh oh
I like my funk with the heat turned up
that old boom box boom bap boom
turn the speakers up
we keep it going til six in the morn
and the party ain't over cause my neighbors ain't home
we got cheap beer locked down
you can bring the women
watermelon chopped up
tequila in the blender
a whole bunch of of old soul songs to sing
this is beautiful this is everything

I used to tell my mama I could be a rockstar
and now I'm the king of my own backyard
and my dogs think I'm Rob Stark
I'm the king of my own backyard
I probably could've got far
I'm the king of my own backyard
I'm the king of my own backyard
I'm the king of my own backyard

The grass is always greener on the other side of fences
I been waiting all week for my Sunday adventure
Light the grill. Let's get it blazing in here
the sunshine sunshine feels amazing in here
I ain't working out today I aint doing a thing
I'll take whatever kind of blessings the summer brings
sparklers at nightfall
movies on the back wall
my pitbull's barking it's almost time for last call
I keep a little piece of heaven in my backyard
It makes me feel better knowing that it ain't far
what a beautiful life
what a beautiful day
Sunshine gon' take you away

Sunshine Sunshine gonna take you away
sunshine gon' take you away


released August 18, 2015
Written and Performed by Mouse Powell
Produced by: @surebert
Recorded and Mixed at B & K Sound Labs



all rights reserved


Mouse Powell Tempe, Arizona

Mouse Powell is the world’s most reluctant rapper. Mouse Powell loves dogs, and has been making music accordingly since 2011. After taking a blood oath with Tempe producer The Ref, the duo began making genre bending music. As they gear up to release a new project they continue to use their formula of whiskey and friendship to bring an album that truly reflects their commitment to being awesome. ... more


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