Need That

by Mouse Powell

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Artwork by Dumperfoo


I need your love like it's oxygen
and the box I'm in don't really got no holes
Let me break you down
like they locked you in
and I'm the dude they sent here to kick the doors
Lock and load
Lost Control
Baby gotta lotta me she don't know
She ain't no hoe and this ain't no romance
Well, it could be probably so
You see we BANG BANG like we Chief Keef
everyday of the week week.
Used to keep me a few freaks
but now she sleeps a few feet away
and I'm getting in it too deep
She late like two weeks
when it finally came and I decided to stay
all I had to say was:


I been in your crib when your dad ain't there
He don't like me. I don't to care.
If he can't find me, I ain't scared.
Plus, you know we got an alibi pre-prepared
I was at the show you were at the store
Let's have some fun while they don't know
We make out then we make love
then we make off before they make us
You know we BANG BANG like we Chief Keef
Everyday of the week week
bathroom and the back seat
creeping in on the tip of our toes
She out like three sheets
No texts for three weeks
when she finally called it pissed her daddy off
but you know she told me


Hold your breath like you called the house phone
her dad picked up
yo you best be out son
He ain't talk but it still ain't dial tone
Stuck in the middle so you feel like Malcolm
He ain't run and you ain't dumb
plus you know he gotta brand new gun
and you might get got if you get caught
pump pump your face like a reebok
He BANG BANG like he Chief Keef
Everyday of the week week
Might lose you a few teeth
for fucking round with his baby girl
And he know where you do sleep
get fried like a two piece
when the door bell rang and the first punch came
all I had to say was



released February 10, 2015
Written and Performed by Mouse Powell (@mousepowell)
Produced, Engineered, Recorded by: The Ref (@justrefine)
Additional Vocals by: Kira Best
Mastered by: Carl Saff (@carlsaff)



all rights reserved


Mouse Powell Tempe, Arizona

Mouse Powell is the world’s most reluctant rapper. Mouse Powell loves dogs, and has been making music accordingly since 2011. After taking a blood oath with Tempe producer The Ref, the duo began making genre bending music. As they gear up to release a new project they continue to use their formula of whiskey and friendship to bring an album that truly reflects their commitment to being awesome. ... more


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